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Welcome to JILOA Treatment & Recovery Centers, Inc.

At JILOA Treatment & Recovery Centers, Inc. we provide individualized care for those who seek our help to free themselves from drug and alcohol addiction. We help you identify the root of your addiction and offer treatment options to deal with your anxiety towards the detox phase.

Here, we medically assess the needs of every individual and we treat you with dignity and respect. Although drug addiction may have robbed you of your quality of life, the point here is to restore faith in yourself to lead a healthy, clean and drug-free lifestyle.

It all starts with the decision to quit. The road to continuous recovery is paved with challenges but JILOA Treatment & Recovery Centers, Inc. will be here to help. Call us at 951-203-4474 for admission inquiries.

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Listening to Your Call for Help

We’re here to listen! Tell us about your recovery goals, what you are going through right now, and what you plan to do after you get sober. JILOA Treatment & Recovery Centers, Inc. has counselors who can support you in your journey.

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What to Expect from Rehabilitation

Our treatment programs at JILOA Treatment & Recovery Centers, Inc. start with education. We believe that when you know what you are up against to become free from addiction, the better you can deal with the recovery challenges and may even improve chances of preventing relapse.

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Programs WeOffer

Addiction affects our health and our relationships with loved ones. These programs help restore health and relationships that may have been affected by Addiction.

Drug DetoxProgram

The goal of detox is to relieve your body of drugs and/or alcohol for the healing process to begin...

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Alcohol DetoxProgram

A comprehensive treatment that involves counseling and emotional support...

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Insurance BenefitsVerification

Many guests receive a significant number of days covered by their insurance, depending on their plan...

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Interacting with horses and nature to treat addiction, anxiety and depression...

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More drug abuse and alcoholism treatment options available. Call 951-208-0868 today!

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How Being Sober isSo Much Better

JILOA Treatment & Recovery Centers, Inc. conducts treatment for alcohol addiction, drug addiction, opiate addiction, marijuana addiction, among others. We ease you through the detox phase. There are counselors and case managers ready to assist with your every need.

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Contact Information

Contact Information

Phone: 951-203-4474